Business Principals

Takes these posts to heart. These are observations, teachings and general ideas that can be applied across many topics.

Failure, A Lesson in Business

If you have not failed, you have not succeeded. Disagree? If you do not know what the bottom looks like how can you tell when you have reached the top? I was just thinking about one time that I failed when it came to hiring a new person. I put an ad out there, had […]

Are You Assertive Enough? Too Much?

Being assertive can be tangled with being rude or overpowering. I think there is a fine line there that we as business owners are often forced to walk along. Today I was reading over a paper in which the author was trying to convey a point and they were not coming across clearly. When writing […]

Leadership and Decision making

Leaders make decisions. That’s pretty obvious, if you are a leader. Some people need the feeling that they know when they make a decision it is the right one. Similar to a math problem, if you have a certain number of inputs then they can only add up to one thing. Sometimes this is not […]

Expectations, or lack there of

As an entrepreneur I feel as though my life is full of risk. I have to determine my exposure to risk on a daily basis. If I am taking on a new project I have to think about the risk of failure, the risk of my suppliers or resources not coming through, the risk of […]

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